Aston Villa Badges


                                           WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FC and SUPPORTERS CLUB BADGES

                                                           (Including Matchday Badges versus ASTON VILLA)


 The first time Wolverhampton Wanderers wore a badge on their shirt was season 1948/49 and it was the Wolverhampton coat of arms. They then left the shirt badgeless until  season 1970/71 when they had a badge on the shirt featuring a leaping wolf over the clubs initials. The next time they changed it was for the 1974 League Cup Final this  time it was three leaping wolves. From 1979 to 1988 it was an angular wolves head with the name Wolves written under it. 1988 they changed it to a two tone shield featuring the wolves head and ribbons above and below it. 1993 t0 1996 they changed it to the Wolverhampton coat of arms. 1996 to 2002 they changed it to a Wolves head with FC below it. 2002 to present day  they changed it to a  wolves head with triangled eyes set in a hexagon. The set of badges Ltd Edition made to celebrate the 1960 FA Cup win l had to purchase because of the semi final badge played against Aston Villa