Aston Villa Badges

                                                               SUPPORTERS CLUB BADGES TWO


  A continuation of Aston Villa Supporters club badges there is a list of all the official worldwide supporters clubs badges displayed in most of the Villas home programmes. Number 59 AV84a Aston Villa London Lions Club was made in 1977 with a Claret Lion over the next few years they made six versions same style just different colour changes. There was even a  version with a Black Lion that was made to mourn our relegation in 1987. No 339 in this Section is a Repro of AV84a made in Juiy 2017 by Witton warrior (an original London Lion) nice badge but the Lion is different and the sword is lower in its quarter of the badge. It also has a modern Clasp brooch fitting on the reverse of the badge and NMN no makers name The club fold in 1999 so this cant be counted as an official badge. No60 AV84b is the only version with a Makers Name  REV Gomm Fredrick St Bham but l am led to believe they were all made by REM.