Aston Villa Badges


                                                                                       Michael Price


 Michael Price made contact with me through this badge site. He is a lifelong Villa supporter and had been collecting Aston Villa badges for over  fifty years and was think of selling his collection. He had seen my site  and thought it was the right place for them to be exhibited. When he said he had AV1 the Aston Villa Miller Ball Badge, which was sold in Woolworths for 1/3d in the 1930s my heart skipped a beat. This is probably one of the rarest badges if not the rarest badge in the list of  official Aston Villa badges in the Association of Football Badge Collectors Directory. When we finally met he  had over fifty badges that l did not have in my collection. Whilst talking about the Villa in general l discovered that the first game at Villa Park that he saw was against Charlton Athletic in 1968.  What a coincidence it was my first game too. I am really grateful that he thought it right to sell these badges to me and thought it only right to set up a page in his honour with some of the badges l purchased off him. Once again thanks alot Michael.   "Up the Villa"