Aston Villa Badges

                                                                                 Early Matchday Badges

 Badge number1 below I think was the first matchday badge of a Premier League  team for every game of the 2003-4 season for Southampton. A very nice badge may I add. The following season 2004-5 as well as Southampton 2, Man Utd 3,4&5  and Liverpool 6,7,8&9 had produced one for every game of the season. Season 2004-5 a badge seller near Villa Park produced 10,11,12&13 but left the date off. Season 2005-6 a chap called Alan took a fair few pounds off myself and many others I should imagine for a full set of these soft enamel rubbish badges. He never made them all as you can see and gave no refunds. Most matchday badges are not made by the clubs and in most cases it is illegal to reproduce the club badge, because of copywright infringements.