Aston Villa Badges


                                                                      Intercontinental 12th December 1982

                                                                          Olympic Stadium Tokyo Japan


Aston Villa played CA Penarolin from Uruguay in Tokyo and lost 1-0 which at the time was not to hard to take as a English club had not yet won it. This was the third time the match had taken place and it was called the Toyota European/South America Cup. There was not the following abroad then as it is today and l believe there was just a few supporters who made the trip with the Aston Villa squad and the press contingency. The programmme was approx 30 x 21cm and had 88 pages and 87 pages were in Japanese. The price was three Yen, l bought mine from the programme booth at the bottom of the Holte End on the Witton lane side and was charged a £5. Aston Villa club shop did not bother to have a badge made and the set below were made in October 2013.