Aston Villa Badges

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 I started off collecting badges from the grounds that l visited following the Villa up and down the country.Then l decided to collect a badge from each club that had played in the football league. I then wanted a supporters club badge from each club that had been in the league. When l joined the Association of Badge Collectors and purchased the Directory and saw all the official badges for each club, whilst hunting down Villa badges l would also pick up the older badges of other clubs. Mostly from before the Millenium as my personal opinion on the new enamels used today is they are not a patch on the old enamel and are not worth collecting. I still pick up a few badges and l add them to the last page, so if you have looked at your clubs page take a look at the last page there could bo some others there. I have now decided to give each club a page of their own and put all there matchday badges  and Commemorative badges on there that were against Aston Villa. I am in the process of giving each club its own page and l will put all matchday badges and trophy badges involving Villa on the appropriate Club page.