Aston Villa Badges


                                                          CARDIFF CITY FC and SUPPORTERS CLUB BADGES

                                                          (Matchday Badges played against:-  ASTON VILLA FC)


I bought No8 off ebay it was advertised as Hard Enamel as you can see it is called soft enamel or deep painted. The manufacturers offer this because it is the cheapest finish they supply, the person selling them to the public gets them a far deal cheaper than real enamel badges but still sells them to the customers at the same price. They are complete garbage and will start to disintigrate as soon as you wear them. Cardiff have waited decades to get back to the top division in Football and this is what they get served up! We have already lost our badge making industry to the Far East but if you put up with this rubbish they will be selling you paper badges next for the same price. No5 is seventy to eighty years old hard enamel and as good as the day it was made which would you rather have!!! If you collect all Cardiff badges then 9 to 12  are matchday badges for all five teams on this set of four.