Aston Villa Badges

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                                                                                       1940-1960 Badges

 Badges 1 & 2 are the same badge with different fittings the broochpin version 2  was bought by a chap in 1947 who attached it to a piece of card with the year he bought it written on the card. These badges stand out from the rest as the claret enamel is a shade of brown. Badges 3 & 4 are a larger badge than the rest, made by Firmin of London. They were handed out by Aston Villa Football Club in the fifties to other clubs when on tour. Badge 4 was given to a Hearts director in the Fifties after a pre season tour of scotland. When he passed away a few years back his collection was broken up and sold on ebay. I bought this badge along with some others of interest

 Badges 10 &11 were found in a bag  in Aston whilst emptying a old shed I believe there were about 25 or so of badge 10 but only one of badge 11. Hence badge 11 is quite rare. Badge 12 is also quite a hard badge to get hold of but l have seen one  for sale on on ebay. I think badges15,16,&17 are AV11 in the Association of Badge Collectors Directory.