Aston Villa Badges

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   In the eighties and nineties Reeves badge makers made most of the badges sold in the Villa shop and good quality they were. In the early nineties there was a change of ownership at Reeves and on the tenth anniversary of Aston Villa becoming the champions of Europe they re-issued AV30, but they altered the colour of the Villa club crest on the badge which was a blessing really as you could now tell which badges were the originals and which were the re-issues at a glance. There was a re issue again in May 2002 for a celebrational dinner to mark the twentieth anniversary of this great achievement. Everyone attending had a  badge in the original colours in a presentation box given to them. This was not sold in the Villa store. Again there is a noticable difference between this badge and the original 1982 badge as the colour of the thirty odd year old badge is well faded. The yellow badges were made in a limited number by a young lad, the son of the owner of Reeves playing around with the badge dies one saturday morning in the factory. I bought my set from him at a  AFBC badge meet at Moor Green Football Club in 1992/3.