Aston Villa Badges


                                                                                1973 BADGE CHANGE


  The season 1973-74 started with the unveiling of a new club badge. The programme for the first home game explained that the old badge of a lion in a shield looked a bit jaded . The new badge had been redesigned keeping the lion in a circular design instead of the shield.  Also this was the first badge to be registered as a trademark and protected by copyright. This badge would not be changed until 1992 the start of the Premier League. Badges 1 and 2 are made by W Reeves and  

were sold in the club shop they had a diameter of 17mm and the outer circle was approximately 2mm.                                 The badge from 7 to 20 are also 17mm diameter but the outer circle was slightly larger 3 to3.5mm. Nearly all the

Seventies and Eighties badges were broochpin but by the late eighties onwards the clasp pins started to appear on football badges.