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My name is Dave Jones and I have been following Aston Villa since I was a lad. The first match I ever attended was against Charlton Athletic in 1968. I have followed the Villa up and down the divisions and was there on that great night in Rotterdam in 1982, when we were crowned European Champions. My passion for the club has never gone away and I still follow the team today from my seat in the Trinity Road stand.


My love of Aston villa has gone hand in hand with my passion for collecting Villa badges. I bought my first badge back in 1967 have been collecting ever since. Around 20 years ago I joined the Association of Football Badge Collectors (AFBC) and regularly attend badge fairs across the country, picking up a number of gems and making friends with many a passionate collector.


I have built up an extensive collection of Aston Villa badges and tend to focus on enamel badges. At last count I had around 3000 Villa badges and continue to add to my collection on an almost daily basis.


ASTON VILLA BADGES represents my attempt to catalogue and exhibit my collection so that fellow Villa fans and badge collectors can share in the pleasure they give me. In the following pages I have listed my badges with information on the AFBC directory number, type of fitting (button hole, brooch-pin, stick pin or press pin), makers name and date of manufacture.


Many of the badges in my collection have a number of different variations, both in terms of the base metal (silver or gilt) and enamelling. I have attempted to point out these differences where possible.


This site is very much a work in progress. I plan to add all of my badges over time. As I add to my collection I intend to add the badges on a timely basis.


The aim of ASTON VILLA BADGES is to create a catalogue of Aston Villa badges that is a complete as possible so if you have any badges that are not listed then please do get in touch with me by email ([email protected]). If you would like to sell your badges I will offer you a good price. Even if you do not wish to sell your badges please get in touch so that I can add an image to the collection on my wanted page.  Also should you have any queries about any of the badges in my collection then please do get in touch. Please phone me on  07807860846 and l will phone you straight back or email [email protected]




Up the Villa!



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